IPS Surf Wants the BEST for our Clients - That's Why We Use Malibu

As a USA National Wake Surf Champion and founder of IPS Surf and Water Sports, Ian Scott has competed behind many of the top wake surf boats on the market. That being said, Ian firmly believes that Malibu is the most advanced surf and wake system in the industry due to its highly customizable wake.

When asked why Ian uses Malibu boats, he stated, "I want to ensure my equipment is the best in class, otherwise I would not be able to excel and reach my utmost potential. Malibu boats have been really instrumental in my professional wake surf development and I am fortunate to have developed my passion for water sports into a business, IPS Surf and Water Sports."

To maximize our client's experience, this summer, IPS Surf and Water Sports will be hosting lessons behind a 2019 Malibu M235. What separates the M235 from the competition is Malibu’s patented power wedge and surf gate system. Superior to their competition, Malibu offers an extremely customizable wake that allows riders to adjust the wave specifically to their riding style. When asked about how he got into wake surfing Ian stated, "I have been on the water my entire life. I was fortunate to have grown up on Long Lake, Maine and always had a drive to go out and do something active. One day, my parents suggested that I try wake surfing and I instantly fell in love. At the time my body was about the size of the board! Yet, there was a certain excitement once I got on a board and from there I just wanted to get better and better and continue to master the next trick."

At IPS Surf and Water Sports we want to ensure that the equipment our clients use is the best in class so that they are able to maximize their time with us. Whether our clients are learning to wake surf for the very first time or they are trying to master a move like the backside 720, regardless, the best boat to do it behind is a Malibu. You can go from a mellow, long-wave to a steep, chest-high barrel with the touch of a button. Malibu boats are #1 in quality and performance, and it shows! Come ride with us, and see what the hype is all about!

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